Mitsubishi F-4EJ

F-4EJ is modefied Phantom2 Japan Air Self Defence fighter.The first F4EJ aircarft were produced in 1968 in Japan
by the Mitsubishi heavy industries under the lisence from McDonnell Dougals.



Building reports.

scale 1:12
Length 1500mm (59in.) Span 940mm(37in.)
68mmfan twin or 90mmfan single
Weight 2800g`3000g

Page 1. Cut template and styrofoam frames [2010.Aug.20]

Pgae 2. Balsa model F-4EJ [2010.Aug.23]

Pag3 3. New CAD PLAN [2010.Aug.27]

Page 4 Wing section [2010.Aug.27]

Page 5 Duct [2010.Sep.16]